Dream SorianoCiao a tutti and welcome to my Dream, Believe, Plan, Achieve website!

One thing I love about dreams is that until you make them a reality and move onto your next dream, they are very flexible  🙂

For me my dream of living in and relocating our family to Italy was planted about 10 years ago.  For the first 7 years I worked hard at making our family dream a reality and in August 2009 we, my husband and two boys then aged 11 and 6 years old, packed up our house in Melbourne, Australia and headed off for our BIG adventure of relocating to Italy!!

As we had no idea how this big adventure would go, the plan was to spend a minimum of 6 months and a maximum of 2 years in Italy, immersing ourselves in the language, culture and Italian way of life.

Little did we know that after just 6 short months we would fall in love with the little village where we had based ourselves, Soriano nel Cimino, that we’d make some life long friends and that the boys would actually love the school, the language and the lifestyle this big adventure offered us.  We also learned how hard it was for Australians to stay in Italy any longer than 6 months….  After 20 months of red tape, Italian bureaucracy, lots of frustrations and learning patience, I was finally granted permission to establish myself as an Autonomous Worker and set up my business, legally, in Italy.

So, over 3 1/2 years later, we’re still here enjoying la dolce vita and planning on staying for at least another 2 years to be able to apply for permanent residency which would put us on the track to later apply for dual citizenship opening up Europe for us and the boys to travel “Visa Free”!!

Anyways that’s a very brief insight and overview of our dream to date, more will be blabbed about in future posts, but back to the thing I love about dreams – flexibility!!

After establishing my business late in 2009 and working hard with a number of my Italian Clients to successfully relocate them to Australia, building credibility and a reputation with both Italian and Australian organisations promoting Australia in Italy, early last year I decided that to grow my business further it was time to take my very “off-line, word of mouth” business “on-line”!!

After researching many Social Media and On-line Gurus and Mentors I finally found Sandi Krakowski and PJ McClure.  Working with them over the past year has been a blessing and a huge learning curve and roller coaster of emotions, doubting myself, my skills and ability and getting over the fact that it’s not about me and growing my business, in fact it is ALL about the Clients I serve, the tools and support I can offer them and how I can work with them and help them achieve their dreams 🙂

Late last year after much research and learning I decided that I would evolve my business because I’ve actually been doing more than just Australia Consulenza (which translates to an Australian Consultant, which is what I’ve called what I’ve been doing here for the past 3 and a bit years 🙂 ).  I’ve been working with my Clients to define, plan and deliver their relocation dreams.

Hence I came up with the business name – Dream, Believe, Plan, Achieve – because I help my Clients relocation dreams come true!

Now, heading into 4 months further along with this idea, I’m still not on-line and I now finally realise this is not what I need to offer and where I need to go with my Clients….. I’ve had feelings about this concept for some time and working closely with my mentors I’ve  unearthed some underlying issues that have helped me come to the decision to just stick to what I know, for now, and that is Australia and more specifically how to create and develop ideas and projects to successfully relocate my Clients to Australia!!

This post is to let you all know that this website will remain as an idea that one day I’ll come back to and develop further.  I have a proven methodology that I’ve used and developed that will help a lot of people, define their dreams, believe in their dreams, plan their dreams and achieve their dreams, but for now I’m focusing on my existing business, supporting and working with my Clients who are motivated, passionate and determined to relocate to Australia.

I’ll be blogging about this business, Australia Consulenza, our life in Italy and all the amazing things we’re experiencing over here in my blog at – www.australiaconsulenza.com/blog, so please come on over for a visit and let me know what you think of my decision.Australia Consulenza Website Header

If you’d like to leave a comment or your thoughts on this blog, please do so below and I’ll be checking in from time to time with updates and will post when I’m ready to come back and keep developing this site.

For now please continue to dream and I’ll continue to believe in your dreams and increase my knowledge and experience to be able to come back here soon and work with you to help and support you plan and achieve your dreams!

Credere in voi ei vostri sogni e ci vediamo a presto!

Believing in you and your dreams and see you soon!